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 Its quick and convenient to prepare. The freshness of the spice and the homemade flavour make the dish authentic and delicious. The quantity is totally satisfying and perfect for a filling meal.

- Harshi Gandhi [London]

Initially I use to think packaged food is harmful to health because of the added preservatives and fats. But after trying INSTANT RASOI i am confident in saying that i can get GHAR KA KHANA anytime and anywhere without any preservatives. The food reminds me of my mom’s food just made from the kitchen which is delicious, mouth-savouring,quick to make, very satisfying and HEALHTY.

- Shreya [Mumbai]

I am always a foodie person hence I love to eat junk be it in malls or packaged food. Ghar ka khana is something which i rarely relish. Hence, one day i bought this new packaged food item which totally changed my perspective towards home food ,packaged food ,health and taste. This item was not only tasty and quick to make but also HEALTHY. It gave me the true meaning of ghar ka khana. I am so addicted to INSTANT RASOI now.

- Sujit [Ahmadabad]