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Time immemorial India has been the flavor hub for the world. We have the largest bouquet of spices in the world. But our modern lifestyle with no time to cook is forcing us to replace the complicated cooking to 'just in time' cooking. So how to preserve our heritage? Instant Rasoi is an attempt to maintain traditional flavors by using state of the art innovations centered around Indian recipes.

Another problem is hygiene, most of times we eat outside, we face stomach problems because of poor quality inputs and poor hygiene. If you get hygiene, you have to compromise on dangerous and offer carcinogenic additives. Instant Rasoi ensures that you get hygiene without any additives or preservatives.

I belong to a simple middle-class family with 2 children. My husband has a sensitive stomach. Whenever we go out for dinner or he goes on a tour. He faces a stomach upset. Frequent tours made him fat as restaurant food is laden with fat. This prompted me to find a solution for this problem. I started working on different ways to increase the life of food. I tried taking cues from our traditional preservation methods like pickling and others. But our visit to Shrinathji was pivotal. We saw almost all vegetables in dehydrated form. This prompted me to dehydrate to preserve.

But this was just the beginning. The challenge was quick rehydration without compromising on texture and taste. I kept working on it recipe by recipe. My husband supported this by providing the necessary resources. Over the next 3 years I was able to achieve desired results.